Show No Mercy
Show No Mercy Promo
Season Survivor: Terrapin Trials
Episode Number 9/13
First Broadcast May 24, 2015
Episode Chronology
Previous "L-O-Y-A-L-T-Y"
Next "The Turning Point"

Show No Mercy is the ninth episode of Survivor: Terrapin Trials.

The Hukatana core picks up the pieces following last week's blindside. Then, after a tight challenge, two players consider making a bold deal.



Box Your Mind - The contestants must race outside and memorize a series of symbols, then they must run back into the building and replicate the symbols on the board. The first person to completely replicate the board wins immunity.
Winner: Holli Rutkowski

Immunity Challenge: Box Your Mind
Placement Winner Competitors
Castaway S3 Holli R
S3 Eric KS3 Foluke TS3 Harry GS3 Marissa HS3 Terry AS3 Victoria ZS3 Zack Z
Eric, Foluké, Harry, Marissa, Terry, Victoria & Zack

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council #9: Ohana Tribe
S3 Eric K
Eric (4 votes)
S3 Harry GS3 Terry AS3 Victoria ZS3 Zack Z
Harry, Terry, Victoria & Zack
S3 Marissa H
Marissa (2 votes)
S3 Foluke TS3 Holli R
Foluké & Holli
S3 Harry G
Harry (2 votes)
S3 Eric KS3 Marissa H
Eric & Marissa
S3 Eric K

Eric King

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(Voting for Marissa) Harry and Victoria just made some very sketchy comments that are freaking me out a little bit. Sorry. I actually don't want you gone. I just, I actually want you to be on my side.


(Voting for Eric) It's raining so I tied my hand. Eric, so, sorry buddy I know you're my friend but, in the end you're a big threat in this game, you're pretty manipulative, I don't trust you in this game.


(Voting for Harry) Good luck. Hopefully it's you, not me.


(Voting for Eric) Really hope the tribe is not playing me right now and I really hope you don't pull out the idol.


(Voting for Harry) Harry, I'm sorry. I told you that I would have your back but we really haven't talked that much. You're really nice! I like you!


(Voting for Eric) You lied to me. I know you did. You lied to multiple people and unfortunately, now its time for you to go.


Final WordsEdit

My plan didn't work out like I wanted it to. I saw this coming from the beginning. I knew, post-merge, I won every challenge or I'm screwed. I mean I have no complaints. I came out, I was- I had fun. If Marissa can make it that would be great, represent the Rafiki tribe, and- just wasn't meant to be. Good luck to the rest of them.


Still in the RunningEdit

S3 Charlie U
S3 Matt R
S3 Sierra J
S3 Maria P
S3 Katie J
S3 Sabrina C
S3 Kanay P
S3 Alex G
S3 Eric K
S3 Foluke T
S3 Harry G
S3 Holli R
S3 Marissa H
S3 Terry A
S3 Victoria Z
S3 Zack Z


Episode TitleEdit

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